The wounded air

In de naam van Allah, de meest Barmhartige de meest Genadevolle,


As a love letter, I leave my thirsty words at this paper

Giving all I have, for the woman whose nights have become darker


Reading about the adversities this woman had to face

I become closer to her sacrifice for Islam and her bright grace 


Ashura, Zaynab around us, it is getting colder 

Your brother is asking, “Is there anyone to help me?”, but there is no answer


Zaynab, was the woman who chose to cover 

While standing on Hussain’s side, protecting the children from danger


How beautiful were you, standing there

Alone, searching for Hussain, under the wounded air


How strong were you, standing there

Screaming tearfully, “Where is Hussain? Where?”


While your pure and innocent tears fall on the dry dust

Oh Zaynab, in my heart you whisper the words of Divine trust 


While the stones cry blood, Zaynab, you fall on your knees for the Almighty

Through Allah, you made yourself free


She has written the Divine love in my soul

Holding on, keeping my head high, she will lead me to my goal 


Your tears are the beautiful ink of the black papers I read 

“Oh Allah, accept this offering and reward Hussain for his deed”


Defending the religion of justice, Zaynab stood there as an unshakeable mountain

Zaynab, we cure our souls by drinking from your pure fountain


How perfect and chaste you were, my words can’t declare

My words can’t declare your emotional care


The name ‘Hussain’ was written in the broken air 

Zainab, I won’t forget your stand for truth and freedom, I swear


For the woman who silently and patiently left her brother Hussain, I shed a tear

About Zaynab I will tell the world and for the Hereafter I will prepare 


Correct me and take away my pen if written upon my pages is only a reason for fame,

I write about the progeny of Muhammad, dare it not go in vain


© Copyright Ahlalbait Jongeren


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